27/05/2018 - A backup generator has broken down at one of our larger sites - it is being repaired now, there may be some further outages later today and into tomorrow while repairs are made

26/4/2018 10:00Hours - Power restored to Tahakopa and Papotowai site. We have had a charger for our battery system stolen from our hut between Sunday and Tuesday. If anyone has any information on this please let us or the police know.

25/4/2018 13:30 Hours - Power supply at the Tahakopa and Papotowai Towers is not working, with reports of internet flicking on and off for customers. A technician is on the way with a new power supply tomorrow morning.

18/4/2018 14:00 Hours - Power outage to gear at the site at Roxburgh, we hope to have this resolved tomorrow.

5/4/2018 08:38 Hours - Power outages at Tahakopa and Papotowai Towers today. Due to battery damage from the last outages there may be periods of no internet while we swap to new batteries and replace the charger system.

4/4/2018 22:46 Hours - Power now running on site again and batteries charging. 

4/4/2018 21:03 Hours - Power outage to the Tahakopa and Papotowai Towers, batteries are running low and a tech is on the way with a generator.

Please beware of phishing emails for your login details.

If you believe there might be a network issue please don't hesitate to let us know on 0508 975 377